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blue spell book

blue spell book - overall view
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i finally kicked myself into gear to do some more bookbinding. i made the exterior cover paper. and the little embellishments. it took me a while to get going, because i'm not really into working with cool colors at the moment. this book fought me every step of the way. it's 5 signatures (80 pages), 7.25 x 5.25 x 1 inch.

do you ever have projects like that? where you just have to push through a little bit at a time until it's finished? eventually we made peace with each other. i felt better about it as soon as i had the signatures in, and the spine one, and put the first pentacle charm on.

i know this image of the book looks a little like i was drunk when i took it... i wasn't. lol. i just happened to be using my powerbook as a stand for it to photograph it. this is an 'out take' from the photos of the book. you can see more professional looking ones @ flickr.


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