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Friday Round-Up: Happy 2008

Ang: Stuff #1

Corrine: Christmas Tree and Children's Art

Jeanne: Moving on

Judi: December 31st, 2007...It's Been a Good Year

Karen: Winter Wonderland

Kirsten: Happy New Year

Nicci: Fish Says Love

Pattie: Taking Flight

Spike: File This under Unbearable Moments of Sweetness

Zhenia: Intentions I: Project 365


New arrival!

I'm happy to announce that Percy has finally made it from Canada to Iowa, after much travel time. I love Zhenia's creation - and he's very happy in our home (can't you tell?) For more pics, you can check out my blog or flickr.
Happy New Year, everyone!


Friday Round-Up: Last Time This Year

This will be the last Friday Round-Up until sometime in 2008. Enjoy the rest of 2007 and the opening of 2008.

Ang: I'm a Birthday Girl

Chrysti: Art Mishaps 101 or...

Corrine: Christmas Already

Judi: The Quest for Storage Bins

Kathleen: Don't Take Me Seriously

Kirsten: Thursday Happenings

Maralena: PIF

Spike: Busted

Zhenia: Proof


Friday Round-Up

Ang: Thongs

Chrysti: Tag Fun with Max and Bella

Jeanne: Clay Day

Judi: The Next Stage in the Fantasy Chair

Kirsten: Handmade PIF

Maralena: CPS Featured: Muse-ical Exchange Revisit

Natalie: A Round Robin Goes Bye-Bye

Nicci: White Angel - Red Heart - Detail

Zhenia: The Thought Process


Friday Round-Up

Ang: Transformation

Chrysti: Gladness, Sorrow and Promise

Jeanne: Pendants and Ornaments

Judi: Plushie Groupie

Karen: Fabric Book

Kathleen: Just Another Excuse to Make Art

Kirsten: Excited

Maralena: Ariel

Nicci: Holiday Handcrafted Show

Nici: Journals and Mirrors

Spike: What Do You Know?

Tam: The Winner!

Wendy: Check It Out

Zhenia: Ornaments 'r' Me


Friday Round-Up: DIY Edition

It's another Friday before a weekend in the country, so there will be no formal Friday Round-Up. Instead, I offer you the DIY edition. To the right of this post are links to members' blogs. Check them out. Our fellow circus freaks have been up to some great things lately.


Metallics, Sand & Acrylics - Oh My!

I've been busy working on paintings and finishing up some art obligations. Here's a sample of where my hands have been. There are more to view in my blog. Critique and feedback always welcome.


Stuffed Heart Ornament - quick tutorial

I finished my ornaments for Kathleen's ornament swap and thought I would post some step-by-step instructions for how I made them. Nothing tricky here!

Step 1: cut out a bunch of felt circles
Steps 2 & 3: Make a heart template, trace onto felt twice, and lay out the circles on the felt hearts. Then stitch with sewing machine through each column of circles.
Step 4: Stitch buttons onto selected circles (or all of them, or none)
Steps 5 & 6: Put two hearts back to back and handstitch around the edges (adding ribbon at the top) and fill with stuffing before stitching closed.
Step 7: admire your fine handiwork.



Friday Round-Up

&rew: Another Shopping Trip in NYC

Ang: I CAN'T draw

Beth: Abstracted Orange ACEOs

Chrysti: Published Again!

Jeanne: There are only so many hours in a day

Judi: Altered Charms for Charm Bracelet Swap #2

Karen: Broomhilda

Kirsten: Recently

Maralena: Ansel Adams and Gustav Klimt Inspired ATCs

Nicci: Studio

Spike: What DO You Want

Wendy: New ATCs

Zhenia: i carry your heart with me