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mini journals with water sol. oil pastels

mini journal - guts
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so. the other day i started some little 4x4 inch cards. but then as i got to making them, and they took longer and longer with all the details i was doing, i decided they should be one of a kind books, not cards. i used several different techniques, and experimented with a new medium.

i have seven completed, mostly just experimenting with the water soluble oil pastels that Karen C. sent me for a swap of materials.

have y'all ever used them much? these were the portfolio brand, and i had never really used them. i find they get really loose when water is added. .otherwise they are sticky like regular oil pastels.

to seal these, i had to use 4 coats of spray varnish, and a coat of medium brushed on top. what do ye experienced oil pastel users use?


  • I love these....Left another note on your blog, but I just can't say it enough...SO COOL!!

    By Blogger Patricia J. Mosca, at 8.10.07  

  • thanks! i will go check my blog. mmm. books. books give more weight (literally and otherwise) to art, i think. i love making covers.

    By Blogger nicci, at 8.10.07  

  • Nicci... are these "Regular Oil Pastels" (that you mix with turp/mineral spirits) OR are they "Water Soilable" (sp) where you can use plain or add water. Curious the brand. I have both... and have used on the "Water" type ... but want to try the others that you use mineral spirits with.

    By Blogger mcdc3s, at 9.10.07  

  • Hey Nicci, I have used both kinds, the WS at least the ones i have had you add water (depending how much water you add, as to the intensity of the color) they have never gotten "loose" they are well controlled. and i have never had to add any kind of varnish or medium to seal them. in fact i just went to an old journal of mine and licked my finger and licked the WS pastel page and there was nothing on my finger, i scratched in it and no damage. Mine are by Caran. Beyond anything i have so much colour infused in a short time. now the oil i have also used and love the colour it lays down however sealing them can be a pain , although i have found the spray works really well with minimal manipulation of the pastel.
    so not sure why yours are not doing what i know they can do, maybe its the brand .
    I love your little books.

    By Blogger altermyworld, at 9.10.07  

  • m: these are water soluble oil pastels that you just use with regular water. Portfolio brand. i absolutely despise the true oil pastels, which is why i was hesitant to use these.

    ang: really? hmmm. weird. i let mine dry over night and they didn't seem to get less sticky. i will have to do some tests and try i again. i was a little mystified why so many people would be using a water sol. pastel that wouldn't set up by itself. seems like a lot more trouble that it's worth. maybe it's the brand, you're right! lol

    By Blogger nicci, at 11.10.07  

  • I love what you did with the Portfolios, Nicci.

    By Blogger Karen Campbell, at 19.10.07  

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