Embellished Circus


My Latest Obsession ...

One of the gals I used to work with gave me a personal-size paper making kit for Christmas (mold, deckle, sponge and instructions). This is a sample of Batch #2. I call it "Banana Cream" (not because there are any bananas in it, but because of the colour). Batch #6 (Orange Marmalade) is drying; and Batch #7, which has yet been named, is soaking and will be ready for the rest of the process tomorrow.

Does anyone else here make their own paper?



Kirsten's ornaments are adorable; I wish I had the patience to stitch so carefully. I had an art playdate with Melissa C. on Monday, and she brought her extensive bead collection and taught me how to PROPERLY work with beading tools, bend wire, etc. (Thank you Melissa!!) So basically, if you're related to me and female, you'll get earrings this year!
Oh, except my mom, she gets this pendant, which was hard to photograph thru the plastic I already had it wrapped in!

Handcrafted Holiday

I made these felt ornaments for a 12 person ornament exchange. Also working on some homemade earrings and greeting cards for gifting next year. Wondering what the rest of our crafty circus freaks are making for gifts this year?


Cool and Simple Background

Inspired by Miss Fish's post last month about one of her favourite background techniques, I'd like to share my favourite background technique of the moment: the plastic wrap crinkle. I know that this has been around forever, but I don't know why I didn't try it before. It's super easy and the results are super cool. I'm using it as the background for my holiday cards. The directions are:
  • Wet your substrate very well. I've used both watercolour paper and canvas.
  • Add paint. Either watercolours or liquid arcylics work fine. You can use a single colour or you can use multiple colours. Since I've been painting more than collaging, I prefer using liquid acrylics because they won't run when re-wetted.
  • Before the paint dries, cover the substrate with plastic wrap.
  • Crinkle.
  • Wait about five minutes and then peel up the plastic wrap.
  • Let background dry completely before using.
Below are some of my backgrounds. Only one of them has been used so far.

Red and yellow on watercolur paper.

Ultramarine blue and gallons of water on watercolour paper.

Cerulean blue and pearl on canvas. I think that this one may be my favourite.
Pthalo blue and pthalo green on watercolour paper. This background became a deco: