Embellished Circus


Friday Round-Up: Last Time This Year

This will be the last Friday Round-Up until sometime in 2008. Enjoy the rest of 2007 and the opening of 2008.

Ang: I'm a Birthday Girl

Chrysti: Art Mishaps 101 or...

Corrine: Christmas Already

Judi: The Quest for Storage Bins

Kathleen: Don't Take Me Seriously

Kirsten: Thursday Happenings

Maralena: PIF

Spike: Busted

Zhenia: Proof


Friday Round-Up

Ang: Thongs

Chrysti: Tag Fun with Max and Bella

Jeanne: Clay Day

Judi: The Next Stage in the Fantasy Chair

Kirsten: Handmade PIF

Maralena: CPS Featured: Muse-ical Exchange Revisit

Natalie: A Round Robin Goes Bye-Bye

Nicci: White Angel - Red Heart - Detail

Zhenia: The Thought Process