Embellished Circus


Hand-Carved Stamp Crazy!!!

So I went a little crazy one night this week and created a bunch of new stamps. They were so tiny and sweet that I decided tiny note cards would be great for these 1.5 inch little guys! Now I feel I have to tackle making little envelopes for the cards! Wendy


Sisters Series - ATC's



Long time no post

Hey kids...remember me? I know...I have been under the radar so long there are names here I don't even recognize! Hello all (relative) newcomers! Anyhoo, hoping that I can get back into some things here at the Circus; I have so missed my fellow freaks and my mailbox is sad and empty. Hope there is still room for me under the big top....

Been on a major bead kick; accumulating them by the score and fashioning all sorts of pretty things that don't really seem to sell, but hey, I still like making them!

Here's a peek at one of the sets I just made; you can see more of 'em on my blog.


Inappropriate Connections

I have one of those minds which is cross-wired--everything is connected to everything else. Which is probably why I can never find anything in here . . .

One day, I was reading email for an artsy yahoo group, much like the EC. One person was getting down on herself and her art. "Nothing I do looks like what everyone else is doing," she said. "I suck."

I have very little patience for pity parties. I tend to crash them, with tubas playing "Flight of the Bumblebee," chocolate devil's food cake frosted with black licorice, and single malt scotch. So I dropped a note that there were plenty of folks in the world who'd be happy to rag on her. She didn't need to do that to herself. And I finished with, "Don't make me get out the Altered Spanking Paddle and chase you down!!!"

I hit send, and a second later thought, "Well, I LIKED being in that group. I'll probably get several flaming emails and then get banned. Oh well."

No, instead I got back a chorus of "Altered SPANKING Paddle?? Sounds like a swap to us!" (I love this group.)

So, this weekend, I assembled my entry in the ASP swap.

The picture is true to color, but the part I wish showed more clearly is the coppery glittery stuff in the center of the paddle. That's knitted copper wire. Much cooler in real life.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes my way from this swap. And I have a couple of friends who've asked me to make them one . . . Hmmm. It would solve what to do for Christmas nicely.




...from my crazy bird for the sewn surprise swap. This silly felt stuffie will be heading over to Wendy tomorrow. For more pictures, you can visit my blog.


Up to my armpits in 1" squares!

I have to say that the 1" squares that came in for this swap are smoe of the most creative and lovely work I have seen in a swap so far. I really enjoyed seeing what everyone did. I swapped them all out, and I will be mailing them on Monday. I tried every way I could think of to swap them so noone got their own back. I was tearing my hair out. Finally I gave up and dumped them into a big bowl, and just counted them out from there. So, everyone will get some of their own back.


Contortionist Act

As a knitter, I read knitblogs. One of the common conventions upon finishing a pair of socks is to take a picture of your feet shod in the knewly knit footwear. Hey, knitting is the new yoga, so achieving the appropriate position to take good clear pictures of one's pedal extremities should be a cinch. All the flexibility you get from the knitting you've been doing should make it simple to get your head and hands on the floor with your feet and the camera.

You can stop laughing now.

However, taking pictures of your tootsies pales in comparison with taking pictures of your hands.

I made the bracelet with a jeweler friend of mine. We got together with her toys, some wire, and a picture off the net and played it all together. The concept is simple, the execution darn nigh killed us both.

I think it was worth it, like learning to read cable charts. THAT was a nightmare, too.

However, yarn is much softer than baling wire. Hence, I will keep on knitting. And who knows? Maybe you'll see my dancin' feet in a brandy spandy new set of sockies one day.