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blue spell book

blue spell book - overall view
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i finally kicked myself into gear to do some more bookbinding. i made the exterior cover paper. and the little embellishments. it took me a while to get going, because i'm not really into working with cool colors at the moment. this book fought me every step of the way. it's 5 signatures (80 pages), 7.25 x 5.25 x 1 inch.

do you ever have projects like that? where you just have to push through a little bit at a time until it's finished? eventually we made peace with each other. i felt better about it as soon as i had the signatures in, and the spine one, and put the first pentacle charm on.

i know this image of the book looks a little like i was drunk when i took it... i wasn't. lol. i just happened to be using my powerbook as a stand for it to photograph it. this is an 'out take' from the photos of the book. you can see more professional looking ones @ flickr.


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Sock Animal Swap Send Out!

One of these sock Creatures was mailed to Canada today......
see my blog to see the cute sock creature I received from Spike!


August ATC Swap - The Beach

Here they are at long last, the August ATCs - The Beach
Top Row - Penny
Second Row - Bonnie & Natalie
Third Row - Jeanne

book stash! binding madness!

book stash - good witch bad witch shop
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i guess you can tell what i have been doing this month.

pictured above are several of the one of a kind handmade, hand bound books featured in the good witch/bad witch shop. the square books are 4x4 inches, and the long books are 4x8 inches.

each is hand sewn, embellished, and one of a kind. the covers are either of handmade paper, collaged, or hand drawn and painted. no two are identical. mmmm. book love.

for many of the square books, i used those water soluble oil pastels i was talking about earlier. a couple of them use just paper with collage elements, but those are mostly buried under the others. also, i started doing some japanese stab bound ones. i went a little button crazy. i think buttons are the thing for October. at least in my studio!

you can see more details of various books in my good witch bad witch flickr set. there are also some cards there which i have been working on!


orange spots book

orange spots book - open
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i received those handmade papers from everyone on a day i was sitting down to make some 4x4 inch blank books. since they happened to be just the right size, i started using them to make the books! this one incorporates papers from 2 people, plus some stuff i had on hand.

recognize the papers, ladies?

handmade papers, cover stock, medium, thread, yarn, button.


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mini journals with water sol. oil pastels

mini journal - guts
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so. the other day i started some little 4x4 inch cards. but then as i got to making them, and they took longer and longer with all the details i was doing, i decided they should be one of a kind books, not cards. i used several different techniques, and experimented with a new medium.

i have seven completed, mostly just experimenting with the water soluble oil pastels that Karen C. sent me for a swap of materials.

have y'all ever used them much? these were the portfolio brand, and i had never really used them. i find they get really loose when water is added. .otherwise they are sticky like regular oil pastels.

to seal these, i had to use 4 coats of spray varnish, and a coat of medium brushed on top. what do ye experienced oil pastel users use?


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Hand-decorated paper Sneak Peek

The results are in and they are gorgeous! You will definitely enjoy the returns, ladies! I wrote a little step-by-step of my paper decorating on my blog if you are interested!