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I see Nicci In CPS!

Yup...I see Nicci Mechler in CPS this month...Collaged and stitched recipe card!!
How to Inspire your Art Journal...... Page 53 SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE!!!!!!!!
Have to say...JUST WAY TO CLEVER!!!!!!! CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!!



I am just about ready to start on my first Zine. Any suggestions?
Do you copy them yourself? Or do you take them to a printing place?
How many pages would be a good start?
Do you really create the zine to sell (which would be fabulous) or is it more of a self expression and then trade them?
Speaking of zine Nicci has some incredible zines on her Etsy.
I am in love with her "Fat Girl" they are so much fun to read.
This is my first post here.


pirate charms

pirate charms
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i made some more 1x1 inch 'ready to dangle' type charm thingies. cardstock, papers, acrylic medium (i ran out of glue!), and oil based pens with eyelets.

drawing this tiny with fat markers is hard!

why is the rum gone?


round art - cd style

create cd
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i bought some of these printable cds over a year ago with the idea of putting together some of my photographic work, and sending them out to galleries to query about show space. i didn't get around to that, what with shipping myself off to georgia (and now back to Ohio).

i thought about it for a while, and burned myself a mix cd of some songs. i am also working on a trade with someone. but what i am really trading with them is art, not music. and so i decided to try out drawing, with posterman pens and silver ink and gelly rolls... i am a little scared to shove it into my powerbook, but i love how it looks. now i am tempted to print the rest of my blank cds and hang them on the wall, installing each with music for a different mood. then i could literally take the art off the wall and listen to it, recording the content of the cd not with words, but pictures that evoke the sense of what is on the cd.

is anyone else painting/drawing/gluing on any non traditional surface (ie, anything other than a canvas or sketchbook or flat paper?) post it here!

we need more activity and inpiration--at least i do!



The Charmed One

Speaking of charms, this is a canvas doll I made to hold my charm bracelet. She is decoupaged with many layers of hand dyed paper napkins, her hair is Texture Magic dimensional paint piped on with decorating tips, she is glued to an Altoids Tin (which is a secret stash!)and I guess that's about it. My friend Sherry designed this pattern after an art charm swap we did. The charms from our swap are on it too. Cool, huh!


making charms, yum!

heart charms
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today i made some 1x1 inch charms ready to be sewn or wired on as embellishment or as decorative elements in art. these are made of three kinds of paper, watercolor, and marker, and marker edging. unsealed.

i also made some blank versions, just in case the urge to make more strikes.

i would start using these, but i can't find my twisted beading wire. it's around here somewhere, hiding from me!

there are reasons people who could otherwise have a studio in their home do not. i am beginning to see the wisdom of having an off-site studio. when you have a studio in your home, people assume you're ok to chat anytime they get bored and just walk in and blah blah blah. especially on their days off. *twitch*

you can see some charms (similar to these), in action, if you go check out some of my vinyl postcards:

you are beautiful - vinyl postcard
xox - vinyl postcard

sadly, i couldn't really complete them because my beading wire is still in Savannah! what do you make your embellishments from? i have a fetish for ripping up old dictionary (or rather 1 old dictionary i have had since i liberated it from a donation bin in 2005ish).

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pele - serigraph

pele - serigraph
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i have been revisiting screen printing recently. here's the last piece i finished, which i have been thinking of working on. some people like it, some people think it needs more color runs.

this is a reduction method, so the only parts i can currently change are the blue areas. the rest of the screen is painted out. to see how this was done, you can check out the tutorial linked at the bottom of the page. please don't click it until you really consider this piece as is (the original concept drawing appears with it, and might influence your thoughts on this piece if you see it before you consider the question.)

i'm on the fence.

what do you think?

tutorial in the screen filler reduction method

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More Beach Inspiration

Clover Point, Victoria, British Columbia. This beach is a popular take-off point for parasailing and windsurfing.


July atc swap - Layers

Happy Monday, everyone! The returns from the July Embellished Circus atc swap are on their way home, and I thought you would enjoy seeing a selection of the artists' work. Great mix of styles and techniques here! Thanks Amy, Bonnie, Wendy, Maralena, Jeanne, Beth, Spike, and Andrew!



This is my second publication and I am so excited to be part of this....Thought I would share it with all....I am on my GET KNOWN NATIONALLY NOW TOUR 2007!! So I have stepped of the edge of my studio cliff and I am submitting my art! Which is wide range!! As long as I can get paint on it I am one happy girl...Nothing to lose and everything to gain!!
Artfully Yours,


Mixed Media Seaweed

Study: Mixed Media SeaweedI have two larger projects on the go chez moi: an artist book and a series of canvases featuring, well, seaweed. I have decided that seaweed is awesome (and the new tree).

The background took more time than the seaweed. For the former, I used the first several steps of Chrysti's background technique that was published in the most recent issue of CPS. I stopped after adding ink, skipped the paper lace steps, and went right to the doodling step, which I did in more artist ink. Man, I love artist ink at the moment. I'd drink it but it would probably make me sick. The border is in gel pen, which smudges super awesomely. The actual seaweed is gel pen and liquid acrylics on a page from an old Soviet lit textbook.

I think that my next study will involve some tissue collage before reaching for the paint. Texture is fun!

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Amy's birdhouse

Here are the pics of the birdhouse I made for Amy. Done with everything from acrylics and twinkling h2os to beads, wire, feathers, brads, wood pieces, microbeads, embossing powders, you name it.

On either side are a pair of sky blue wings made of real feathers. Bird/house, get it? :D

On the back where the tree is there are pictures of Amy's son and daughter, and around the edge read the words:
"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings." a quote which has been attributed to Hodding Carter.


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